Email Advertising Buyer's Guide |

Email Marketing Buyer's Guide

This buyer's guide will show you how to use our comprehensive email marketing service comparison and our detailed reviews of email marketing companies to choose the email marketing softwarethat best meets your needs.

How to choose email marketing software

  1. Analyze Your Email Marketing Needs

    Determine if you want to buy a service based on contacts or number of emails.  Email marketing companies are typically broken down into two different pricing options: contact- or email-based. It’s up to you to determine which plan is right for you.

    Contact-based pricing charges you a monthly fee based on the number of contacts you have in your contact list. Most companies allow you to send unlimited emails per month to your subscribers, while some email marketing companies will put a cap on the number of newsletters you can send each month.  

    Email-based pricing is either pay-as-you-go per email campaign or determined monthly by the amount of email credits you wish to purchase. Each credit allows you to send one email regardless of the number of contacts in your list.

  2. Compare Email Marketing Companies

    Compare email marketing companies side-by-side in our email marketing comparison grid. You can easily evaluate vendor pricing, length of free trial, features, and how we rated them based on their Ease of Use, Customer Service, and Reporting.

  3. Read Email Marketing Reviews

    Our email marketing reviews offer detailed information about the email marketing companies reviewed on our site. We've listed the pros and cons for each vendor and rated them on their Ease of Use, Customer Service, Reporting, and Features so that you can quickly and easily compare and select the best plan.

  4. Sign Up for an Email Marketing Software Free Trial

    Once you've researched email marketing companies, sign up for the service that best meets your needs. All of the vendors reviewed on our site offer a free trial-some longer than others-so feel free to test out one before signing up for a paid plan.

  5. Test Out Your Email Marketing Software

    After signing up for email marketing software, take it for a test spin. Try uploading contacts with their contact management system. Create an email campaign and send one. Test out some of their features. Try calling their customer service. All of these actions should give you an idea of what your service will be like.

    Who uses email marketing software?

Email marketing isn’t just for marketers. Many businesses, from huge corporations to small ones with only one employee, want to send out email newsletters to their customers. With email marketing software, sending out an email campaign is easier than doing it yourself and cheaper than hiring a designer. Email marketing software is great for anyone who wants to send out a professional-looking email to a large group of people.