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Mad Mimi Comparison and Review

Mad Mimi Review


  • Unlimited image hosting (Market Standard is 5-10 MB)
  • Can export a clean contact list that automatically removes bounced and unsubscribed email addresses
  • A real person manually reviews your email campaign before it's sent


  • Fewer than 100 email templates available
  • Spam checker not available
  • Phone support available only upon request


Overall, MadMimi has great customer service, as they take personal care of their clients by having developers and owners answer all support queries. Although they only have phone support available upon request, with no direct number, and they don't have a large number of templates, their outstanding quality of customer service and high flexibility of these templates makes MadMimi’s email marketing service a good choice for customers.

Ease of Use

MadMimi scored 4 of 5 stars for Ease of Use. Their online interface offers one customizable template with 31 different themes. MadMimi’s templates offer up to four columns of images and two columns of text, and they provide unlimited image hosting space, which is well above our Market Standard of 5 to 10MB. They also have a WYSIWYG editor, which is a tool that lets you see exactly what is going in your email as you design it, and the email creator lets you drag and drop images and content blocks, making setting up the layout of your campaign fairly easy. Another nice thing about MadMimi is that they let you remove their logo from your emails for free.


MadMimi does not offer an automated spam checker that makes sure your email campaign will not be flagged as spam, but they do have actual people that go through your campaign to check for spam triggers. They also let you take advantage of an autoresponder which allows you to send a standard welcome message to your new subscribers confirming their sign-up. Another feature MadMimi offers is social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. They also integrate with Google Analytics, which is a tool that tracks the traffic of your readers from your email campaign to (and throughout) your site.

Managing Contacts

MadMimi scored 4 out of 5 stars for Managing Contacts. They allow you to import contacts from a CSV file into their online contact book, as well as cut and paste. MadMimi also automatically removes unsubscribes and bounces from your contact list, which makes managing your “clean” subscriber list very simple.

Campaign Reports

MadMimi scored 4 of 5 stars for Campaign Reports. Their reports accurately reflected the users’ actions in all of our tests and they display opens, forwards, number of clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes. However, the reports are displayed visually in graphs and can be exported into a spreadsheet.

Customer Service

MadMimi scored 4 of 5 stars for Customer Service because of their incredibly knowledgeable support. They offer live chat that is staffed by developers and owners Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST and 24/7 email support that we found to be extremely helpful with every question. However, not having phone support negatively affected their score in this category.


MadMimi’s free trial length is unlimited for up to 2500 contacts. Their pricing structure is based on the number of contacts you maintain, which is advantageous if you are sending more than email per month to the same group of contacts. MadMimi offers a 500 contact plan for $10 per month, 1000 contacts for $12, and 2500 contacts for only $16 per month.
Mad Mimi's Pricing

Free Trial


500 Contacts


1000 Contacts


2500 Contacts


5000 Contacts


Mad Mimi's Ratings

Ease of Use


Managing Contacts


Campaign Reports


Customer Service


Mad Mimi's Features



Import Contacts From

Cut & Paste, CSV

Email Deliverability


Reports Display

Opens, forwards, bounces, and unsubscribes

Customer Service

Email (24/7), Live Chat (M-F 9a-6p ET)

Quantity of Templates


Image Hosting


Automatic Bounce Cleanup

Automatic Unsubscribe Removal

Website Signup Form

A/B Testing


Google Analytics Integration

Social Networking Integration



Spam Checker


Human Approval

Brand logo removal